PCB manufacturing

CT3 offers a low cost multilayer PCB manufacturing service. CT3 provides low costs for small and prototype runs as well as large production quantities. PCB assembly and component sourcing is also available. All board are manufactured in Shenzhen and shipped from hongkong via DHL. Turnaround is 1 week for manufacturing PCB and 3-5 day DHL shipping.

PCB Manufacturing:

The easiest and fastest way to get 5 to 1000 PCBs prototyped for an incredible low price while the production and quality control follows all industrial standards. Bigger quantities up to 100k, special material or surface, up to 20 layers or even flexible boards (FPC) are available on request.



How it works:

  1. Choose your options above.
  2. Verify that your Gerber files comply with all limits and with the sub-board definition below.
  3. Upload your Gerber files.
  4. Add to Cart.
  5. Done.

For bigger quantities, more layers, special options, tests, panels, discounts or combination with our other services contact us directly at sales@ct3.eu. If you want to go from prototying to real production then visit our Other Services.

Production Time:

2 layer board: 3-4 working days, if qty>100, 4-6 working days.

4 layer board: 4-5 working  days, if qty>100, 5-7 working days.

Expediting Production time:

Contact us if you have any queries regarding delivery. Please don’t order 24hours and 48hours production time on Thursday and Friday, there is no enough time for us ship it out before weekend.

If the qty>30 and you choose 24hr, that is mean we will manufacture the boards with 48hr;
If the qty>30 and you choose 48hr, that is mean we will manufacture the boards with 72hr.


If you want more than only a naked PCB you can combine the PCB prototyping service together with our other electrical prototyping services to a turnkey solution:


Gerber Files: If you are ordering the first time make sure that your design is comply with  following min/max limits:



Let us source the parts you need for your PCBs. Either because you want us also to assemble your board. Or because you know that we can provide you a much cheaper price than any other big distributor.
Based in the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen we have direct access to most manufacturers of electronic components in the world and to the world famous electronic market of Asia.
It does not matter if you need 10 or 10 000 parts – just ask us for a price.

How it works:

  1. Verify that your BOM including part type, package and quantity is clearly defined.
    For parts which are crucial provide us a link to the datasheet and the order number from the vendor so that we can compare it.
    For parts and values which are not so crucial give as a few types or a range of values (for example “Tolerance <5%”).
    Mark parts which shall not be sourced clearly with “DON’T SOURCE”.
  2. Define what quantities of the BOM you are interested in (for example “10, 100, 1000 x BOM”).
  3. Send us your BOM as an Excel, CSV or OpenOffice table to sales@ct3.eu
  4. We will send you back the estimated price for the search of each single part.
  5. You can accept or reject the search of every single part and send us the final job and the payment for the search.
  6. We will source all parts in your BOM and send you the BOM back with the price for the quantities you asked for.
  7. If you are satisfied with the price we can order the parts and quantities you want and either ship them to you or use it for assembling of your PCBs.





You need a few PCBs assembled but have no time, not the skills or not the equipment to assemble 0402, fine pitch ICs or BGAs, or the quantity is just too big?
Then let us assemble the PCBs for you. Professional and reliable. Manual or automated.


How it works:

  1. Send us all necessary PCBs, solder paste stencils and parts or all relevant information about it if you want only a quotation first.
  2. Send us the BOM as an Excel, CSV or OpenOffice table with all clear defined part identifiers to sales@ct3.eu
  3. If some identifiers on the PCBs are missing send us also a PDF with the layout and all identifiers which are necessary for assembling. Take especially care that the polarity is clearly defined where ever necessary.
  4. We will send you a quotation for the whole assembling which you can confirm.
  5. We will assemble the PCB for you.
  6. Choose what kind of testing you want to have directly after assembling and what tests you want after flashing the firmware.

Send us everything what we need to sales@ct3.eu so that we can prepare you a quotation. For AOI and X-Ray tests or higher quantities ask us for a discount. Also let us know if you want to combine this service with other services.




Let us flash your firmware to your PCBAs so that can start immediately using or selling the board. Especially for devices which needs to be flashed only the first time by a real programming adapter and later only using serial or over-the-air programming this is a fast and realiable solution for small and big quantities.

How it works:

  1. Send us the PCBAs for programming (as long as you have not used our previous services) or all relevant information about it if you want only a quotation first.
  2. Send us the location of your programming interface on your board and the pin-definition.
  3. Send us the information which programming device and programming software you are using usually.
  4. Send us your firmware as a hex-file and all necessary parameters for flashing.
  5. We will flash the firmware to your board.

We will charge you as following:

  • Base Price for starting programming: 9.99 GBP
  • For each board: 0.50 GBP
  • If you are using a non-standard pin-definition or a non-standard connector for the programming adapter please provide us this adapter or additional costs may apply.